Hi I’m Idle Hands this name came about as I’m paralysed from the neck down with a bit of movement in my arms, I started out making stickers using photoshop and drawing using duck tape to hold the pen in my hand, I then came across a polystyrene head for my hat to sit on top of,but it didn’t look right, So I started customising it and then I decided to do more and more, At the time I wasn’t sure how good they were and just kept them hidden away, while I was doing these heads I bought a few paint pens it was hard work but I carried on I didn’t really know what I was doing but I just carried on trying as my motto is don’t give up, don’t give in,as time went on I got more and more art supplies and started painting with acrylics and really enjoyed it as it helped me with taking my mind off pain and boredom, I did one canvas after another and as time grew I started to find new ways of painting with the use of my hand and other tools and I just grew to love doing any art based activities